Saturday, July 17, 2021

Weekly Health Statistics: 7/4 - 7/10/21

For those checking the dates, I'm posting these with a 1-week lag. 


What I'm tracking

  • Sleep: 
    • Method: Apple watch + Autosleep app
    • Metrics: total time, heart rate variability, pulse (sleeping vs. waking)
  • Blood glucose:
    • Method: Dexcom G6 CGM
    • Metrics: fasting BG, Avg. BG, coefficient of variation, time 70-140 mg/dL, time <60 mg/dL
  • Body:
  • Other blood:
  • Urine:
    • Method: Vessel
    • Metrics: biotin, ketones, pH, vitamin C, magnesium, hydration, & cortisol


  • Sleep:
    • Sleep improved again this week, despite traveling Monday-Wednesday and I continue to feel much better/less tired than before I started going to bed at a consistent time.
    • Still noticing that I'm waking up earlier than preferred, though it's not always showing up in the data (probably b/c I stay in bed trying to go back to sleep). I'm starting an experiment this week to test ways to stay asleep longer, so I'll need to make sure I measure wake-up time correctly.
  • Blood glucose:
    • Fasting BG spiked up this week, likely due to travel Monday-Wednesday. I ate much later those days (8p vs. normally 5p), which led to a higher fasting BG. 
    • Rest of BG stats were ok, but not great, again likely related to traveling and less controlled meals.
  • Body:
    • Still seeing steady drop in weight and waistline. I'm very happy with my progress here. 
  • Blood:
    • Hemoglobin in dead center of normal. Starting to look like those high points were anomalies.
    • Cholesterol (total, LDL, and HDL) looks like it's holding steady. Numbers are decent, but could be better. I may target this for intervention after my sleep study.
    • Blood pressure seems to be trending down. Will keep an eye on.
  • Urine:
    • Nothing interesting in this data. My values for biotin, pH, & Vitamin C are outside of the "normal" range, but I haven't been able to find any literature indicating that this is even correlated with medical issues I would be concerned about.
    • In 6 tests, I've only gotten a reading on cortisol three times. That measurements seems to be extremely unreliable.
    • All-in-all, I'm not getting much value out of the vessel tests. I've finished out the pack I bought and won't be continuing these stop.

Active & Planned Experiments

  • Comprehensive bloodwork:
    • Goal: Establish baseline for a broad range of biomarkers and check overall health
    • Approach: WellnessFX Premium panel
    • Status: Got the results, need to analyze and write up.
  • Testing methods of sleeping longer:
    • Goal: Determine interventions that will enable me to stay asleep longer
    • Approach: Melatonin?, will ask in several forums to get suggestions
    • Status: posting in forums this week








Data Processing & Visualization. Data was visualized using Tableau.

Data: here

- QD

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