Monday, September 14, 2020

Recipe & Product Review: Fruit Vinegar-Flavored Water, the Closest Drink I've Found to Fruit Juice

Left to right: Apple cider vinegar, date vinegar, and raspberry vinegar.

Before I got diabetes, I used to love fruit juice. It's one of the things I miss most and there really are no good zero-carb substitutes. I've found a few kombuchas that I like, but all have at least a few carbs per cup. Not too bad, but not really worth taking medication for. 

Recently, though, I found that I could add apple cider vinegar to water to get a really great sour apple juice flavor. I tried searching for other fruit vinegars, but everything I found had significant amounts of sugar, until u/ChezLuc, on Reddit, pointed me to Supreme Vinegar. They have a huge range of different kinds of vinegars, including 12 fruit vinegars. I e-mailed the company and all have "almost no residual sugar," except for pineapple (1 g/15 mL). I tested my blood sugar after drinking ~50 mL of the raspberry and didn't see any rise, so I'm pretty sure they're telling the truth.

Here's my thoughts on the raspberry and date flavors (rest were out of stock) and a couple recipe ideas:

  • Raspberry: I really like this flavor. Basically tastes like berries with the sugar removed, though more like blackberry than raspberry. The flavor is very strong (about twice as strong as apple cider vinegar for the same ratio). Surprisingly, it wasn't very acidic compared with the apple cider vinegar I get from Costco, even though both claim to be diluted to 5% acidity. Maybe there's something else in the apple that makes it more sour? 
  • Date: This tasted exactly like dates with the sugar removed and was also not very acidic. Personally, I don't love dates, so this wasn't my favorite. If you do like dates, though, this would probably be pretty good. 
  • Recipes:
    • Basic: 
      • 20:1 volume ratio of water to vinegar
      • Mix and serve
    • Sweetened: 
      • 20:1 volume ratio of water to vinegar
      • Sweetener to taste. I use 2 drops liquid sucralose or 10g allulose
Overall, I'm really enjoying these and have been drinking a ton of the raspberry vinegar-water over the last week. I'm definitely going to order the rest of Supreme's flavors once they're back in stock. I'm especially looking forward to the peach.

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