Open Questions

List of open questions/possible future experiments. If you have any ideas you'd like me to try or would like to join any of the experiments, please contact me via the form at the right or at quantifieddiabetes_at_gmail_dot_com.


  • How does vitamin C affect CGM readings?
    • Freestyle Libre manual says it lowers reported BG. How large & consistent is the effect?
  • How/how much does metformin affect my BG?
    • I've been taking it since I was diagnosed, but have never isolated it's effect. I occasionally miss a dose and have not observed a clear impact.
  • What is the effect of Vitamin D3 on BG?
    • Vitamin D3 is reported to aid in maintaining BG control, with the required blood levels being higher for people with diabetes (link). Is this real? significant?
  • What is the effect of Chromium on BG?
    • Chromium is reported to improve insulin sensitivity (link, link). Is this effect real? What blood levels should be targeted?
  • Are there any interventions I can look at that aren't specifically for diabetes?

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